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XDC2013 - Developer Conference in Portland/Oregon

A month ago, I was in Portland, attending the Developer Conference (XDC2013) as a Nouveau developer and a board member of the foundation.

The location

This year, the XDC was organized by Intel and held at the Portland State University (PSU) in Portland/Oregon, USA.

Portland also hosts a nice art museum although it is sometimes a bit weird which is all fine by me!

The XDC2013 Program

The program of this conference along with the attendees list is hosted on the wiki. This year’s XDC was pretty much diverse and had no particular topic as can be seen on the program. I personnally gave 2 talks:

The first talk is an updated version of a paper I presented at ECRTS/OSPERT 2013 in July with additionnal content and a more-technical focus.

The second talk was the now-usual Nouveau status update.

I am also very happy with the video recording rig that was set up for the conference which means almost every talk has a video available to download from the server or youtube.

Social events

We spent most of our spare time hanging out with other devs. As usual, it has been a very pleasant experience. The fact that food and drinks were good and cheap actually encouraged us to stay outside longer than we probably should but it all ended perfectly well for everyone :)

The rain throughout the week was however not much appreciated, especially on our way to the first social event, bouldering!

PSU held a very interesting meeting after the social event. Indeed, at PSU, they build amateur rockets! The Portland State Aerospace Society has already built and flown quite a few rockets and they build most of it themselves. Well done guys!

FOSDEM & XDC 2014?

This conference is now over. This was my fourth XDC conference and I have had one hell of a time!

I proposed to host the XDC2014 at the University of Bordeaux since I am a student there and we have a room that would be perfect for the XDC.

See you at FOSDEM 2014, in Brussel or in Bordeaux!