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The Research Corner

Martin and Steve are both PhD students and are doing science for a living. This section is under development and will, in the future, reference all our research projects, publications and science-related talks.

  • Martin Roukala, né Peres

    Martin works on GPU drivers full time, as a self-employed hacker. He previously worked for 5 years at Intel as graphics SW developer and the CI/Validation architect. Before that, he got a PhD thesis on green networking and security in wireless networks from LaBRI, University of Bordeaux 1. Martin is also known by his nickname MùPùF and can be referred to as “the octopus” (ask him why over a beer).

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  • Steve D. Lazaro

    Steve is a French-born PhD student at University College London, working to bring more design practice and phenomenological theory into security research. He contributes to Xfce and can provide occasional consultancy on usability and design matters to FOSS projects.

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