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I. Introducing Sandbox Utils
Why do we need Sandboxing? — Historical reasons behind the need for a sandboxing mechanism
Scope of the Project — What we aim to provide in the long term
How to Use Sandbox Utils — Sandbox Utils for Users and Developers
How to Contribute — Getting in touch and writing code
II. Library API Reference
Object Hierarchy
Widget Gallery
General Usage
SandboxUtilsCommon — Libwise constants and initialisation functions for client apps
File Selectors
SandboxFileChooserDialog — A dialog for choosing files meant to be manipulated over IPC by a sandboxed application
LocalFileChooserDialog — A local SandboxFileChooserDialog for privileged servers to provide a GTK+ dialog through D-Bus
RemoteFileChooserDialog — A SandboxFileChooserDialog for client applications to access a remote privileged server
Index of all symbols
Index of deprecated symbols
Index of new symbols in 0.3
Index of new symbols in 0.4
Index of new symbols in 0.5
Index of new symbols in 0.6
Annotation Glossary