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UFR Montpellier II BitTorrent Client


RezTorrent aims to be a simple BitTorrent client, and is not meant to race for features with Transmission or Vuze. It all began by an universitary project and we make it available for people to learn, hack, and have fun with it. We do not guarantee the absence of bugs (in fact, RezTorrent is anecdotal evidence of the “demo effect”, despite our jury not noticing a client had gone rogue during the demo!).

RezTorrent is written in C, and optimised for a superlow memory footprint. It is worth noting that RezTorrent uses DBus for communication with a GUI (separate project by other students) and existing running instances, but it does not depend on GLib! We used our own DBus interface to avoid memory-heavy dependencies.

At the time we wrote and tested it, it beat flat any competitor on that metrics, although it was significantly slower than DHT-enabled clients. RezTorrent supports only trackers for peer discovery, as it is written in a time where clients seldom supported DHT peer discovery. All mandatory aspects of the original BitTorrent protocol are implemented, though.

Get Involved!

Want to learn about low-level programming and P2P computing? What about implementing a DHT into RezTorrent? Need to get some experience in networked application debugging? RezTorrent is a tiny-sized C program that is great to get started!