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My First Week as an Intel Employee

As you may have seen, my time has been very limited since my previous blog article. Since my previous articles. I have mostly been busy writing my Ph.D. thesis, organising the XDC 2014, giving a few talks (most notably at Kernel Recipes 2014 and XDC 2014), defending the thesis and … moving to Helsinki/Finland!

Indeed, I got hired by Intel Finland to work on the performance of their integrated GPU on Linux! This work will mostly lead me to work on mesa-related project even though I will also help on the power management runtime front.

I am still in the process of settling down, finding an appartment and getting used to my new life so do not expect me to be highly available this first month. For this reason, I will not be able to attend FOSDEM this year…

Edit 20/01/2015: Found everything, should be up and running in the coming week.

You may wonder what this will change with regards to my current involvement in Open Source projects. Hopefuly, the next sections will answer most of your questions. If not, please send me a comment.

What does it changes for my involvement in Nouveau?

Starting from January, Intel GPUs are my main focus.

However, on my spare time, I will still keep a presence on IRC and mailing lists and will likely keep on working on reverse engineering and implementing power management as I used to in the past years.

I will also consider mentoring a student this year for the GSoC. I will try to propose topics that will be more manageable than the ones I proposed in previous years!

What does it changes for the X.Org Foundation?

Absolutely nothing! I originally thought that we would be 2 Intel employees at the board of directors which would have been the maximum allowed in our by-laws, but Keith Packard joined HP the same month I joined Intel.

I think working at Intel will actually allow me to contribute more to the X.Org foundation as I will have more spare time than in the past 2 years when I was working countless hours on my research and/or writing my thesis or research articles.

What does it change for LinuxFR?

Aside from a notice and disclaimer in the “Open Source Graphics drivers” section of the Kernel release articles, not much should change.

As an Intel employee, I cannot damage the reputation of the company but I am also asked to be fair and accurate on my reporting and communication with the outside world. I do not think that my new status will change anything as I always tried to preserve the reputation of every company I talked about while also being factual and fair.

Also, to prepare this section, I will keep on using only public material just like I did before as doing otherwise would not allow readers to check what I am saying. However, it may happen that I will quote myself which I already did when talking about the improvement in the Nouveau section.

So, in the end, not much should change!

What does it changes for my other Open Source projects?

Nothing should change when it comes to the development of my non-GPU-related projects such as the Arduide or WtRPM. Development will thus continue there … as slowly as usual :p